Staff Training

Allocating resources to staff training shows willingness to react. Investing on your strengths is a fundamental choice to beat competition.

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The goal is to coordinate with our clients to create working teams that are motivated, involved and independent in their tasks. We do that also with workers that are not highly specialized. Results include higher productivity, lower labor costs, higher quality and profit.

Our Goal

We support the owners in the selection of his staff searching for skilled staff relying on our experience. After the selection phase the training period begins, when workers are given professional individual and team skills. Staff training is essential to reach your desired level of quality and for winning your challenges in the restaurant world.

How does it work

Through the training program we teach basic skills, procedures and working methods that allow the worker for a conscious use of kitchen tools. It is not the usual theory course, but it is practical and finalised at solving the everyday challenges of your business. It is about a stream of skills and practical knowledge to keep your business updated and make it more competitive. The staff is given the skills and knowledge useful to reduce the error possibilities to a minimum. The result is a consistent saving and a sensible increase in product quality. Our mission is also to make human resources aware about expenses rationalization and control, just like you do.

Initial Check-up

Tell us about your company. An initial check-up is the best way to understand your specific needs and grow together.

After having analysed your company, thanks to your experience, we will give you an action plan to develop your business. We will give you all the information to plan with us a project with immediate benefits. With us you are safe.

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