Mauro Civiero Consulting

“Solutions to win you challenges in the restaurants’ world”

We are a restaurant consulting since two generations. We help our customers to improve their performances supporting them in accomplishing their most important goals. For over thirty years we have been in the restaurants’ industry and we have built a company uniquely focused on this mission.
We have developed different solutions for different customers. We are precise and, more than the others, we understood the potential of a good communication between working and managerial fields, between brain and arms. In doing this we combine experience, innovation and Italian creativity.
We know every layer of restaurants’ industry: it’s our speciality.


Our story begins
Mauro Civiero begins his journey the restaurant’s world from the bottom. Our experience comes from very far away.
1982 ~ 2004
High Experience
During the Eighties and the Nineties, Mauro learns the German organisation working in Germany. Then he returns to Italy working in the best hotel chains in Milan, Florence and Sardinia. He perfects his techniques in Tokyo, Japan and looks forward to the locations of the future in the Gulf area.
The Foundation
With the aim of supplying new services to his customers, Mauro Civiero founds Mauro Civiero Consulting in 2005. It is the beginning of our history.
Getting Global
We improved our services allo around the world: Saudi Arabia, Malta, Qatar, France. We performed HR recruiting at world level in Lebanon, Sri Lanka and Philippines. One of our most important project there is the élite Italian restaurant in Moscow, Russia. Our roots, however, remain in Italy where dozens fo companies accomplished their goals with us.
Alfabeto del Gusto
In 2011 we undertook a new challenge: spreading the love for cooking. That’s when “Alfabeto del Gusto” a kitchen amateur school for everyone eating to have a good time in the kitchen.
A new Beginning
For keeping up with the times, in 2017 we decided to reinvent ourselves. The second generation enters the company bringing innovativeness and freshness. The basis still remains: it’s how we create a symphony of tradition, hard work and management.
Our Story

Who we are

Our company believes in family and experience values. We believe that restaurants does not rhyme with improvisation as it may seem. We use our experience as a connecting point between woking and managerial field. We are the missing line in the restaurant’s evolutionary chain. Together we can grow.

Mauro Civiero

Founder & CEO

National and International chef. Trained in Italy, he learns the German organisational system, specialises in Japan and builds his managerial skills all around the world. He founded Mauro Civiero Consulting in 2005 with the aim of supplying new service, totally different from the working field.

Thomas Civiero

Project manager

Son of Mauro, second generation of Civiero in the restaurants’ world. He has a degree in economics and management at Bocconi University in Milan working with in Italy and London.

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